• Enez It's Natural, Cultural and Touristic Beauties

Enez is situated on the North coast of the Aegean Sea, by the Turkish-Greek border, where Meriç, the most important river of Thrace, joins the sea. Enez, is located within an extremely important geographical area. It is surrounded by extraordinary beauties. This lovely town of Edirne, with its sunflowers- the symbols of the Thracian plains; with seafood-gift from the Aegean; with its harbor, which embraced different civilizations; with its wetlands protected by the river Meriç; with its rice; with its mountain of Hisarlıdağ, reaching the sky; and with its many other kinds of opulence, it is one of the most special places in our land, Turkey.

In order to unearth the history of the city named Ainos in antiquity, we, as the University of Istanbul, have conducted many highly important archaeological excavations, so far. Other than this very important academic relationship between Enez, and the University of Istanbul, there also exists a very important relationship of neighbourhood. Istanbul University’s Prof. Dr. Nazım Terzioğlu Education, Culture, and Sports facility located in Enez, created an important bond between the staff of Istanbul University, and Enez. Every year hundreds of academic, and administrative staff, and also the students of the University of Istanbul, spend their summer vacations at this facility. This cute town enchant them with its history, and with its natural beauty. I am glad to announce here that these facilites have to capacity to serve our University staff, not only through the summer months, but throughout the year, as a result of the restoration work we have undertaken during the year 2009-2012.

In sum, we shall be together with the people of Enez through all seasons. Besides, the University staff would not go to Enez for the purpose of spending their summer vacations only, but they would go to Enez to participate in other Istanbul University functions such as academic activites; summer, and winter schools; onthe job training; contiunous training; and life-long training. With the responsibility of having a social facility in this culturally, geographically, and economically important region, it is our utmost duty to present this book to you. This book, which aims to introduce the natural, and the cultural features of Enez; to publicize its special features;to draw attention to its ecological, and sociological values, is a gift from our university to the public at large.

Enez It's Natural, Cultural and Touristic Beauties

  • Yazar: Eds. Gül Aslı Aksu - Sait Başaran - Adnan Uzun - Ahmet Yeşil
  • Yayınevi: Ege Yayınları
  • ISBN: 9786059680493
  • Dil: İngilizce
  • Basım Yılı: 2017
  • Stok Durumu: Stokta var
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